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Ready-to-Wear Designs:

View photographs of available pieces on the Photographs of Designs page. Prices include tax (when applicable), shipping, and handling. Most designs have magnetic clasps for easy fastening. New designs are added as completed. Also, check back for better photographs to replace those posted now.

Custom Creations:

Do you have a broach sitting in a drawer that you really like but can't wear as is because it's too heavy for today's fabrics? Have you held onto that earring--you know, the one whose partner you lost--because you just love it? Did you inherit a pin from someone special--but you just don't wear pins? I can redesign your jewelry into a beautiful necklace that you'll love to wear--and will wear often. Do you need something--some jewelry--to complete a special outfit you have? Together, we can select beads and perhaps a vintage piece and design a necklace and matching earrings that are just perfect.

Check out the rest of the website for photos, contact information, and more!